USB 3.0 to 4K DP Adapter

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    USB 3.0 to 4K DP Adapter

    Key Features

    The USB 3.0 to 4K DisplayPort Adapter is a device which enables connection to 4K Ultra HD display device to a computer using USB 3.0 port. It will make your legacy PC with old graphics card to support 4K resolution easily. Besides, with this convenient design, it can connect up to 6 display devices to a computer without installing extra video cards. Once the driver has been installed, the USB-attached monitor will be enabled immediately without any rebooting process of operating system after plugging the USB adapter. System performance is an important issue when using multiple monitors. Another benefit of this adapter is that it occupies little computer resource_ ensuring users get quality display without comprising computer performance.

    ■ Supports High Resolution up to 3840x2160 Pixels
    ■ Backwards compatible with HD/Legacy monitors
    ■ Access to 4K Ultra HD displays for legacy PCs
    ■ Supports up to 6 USB display simultaneously
    ■ Extend and Mirror mode support
    ■ USB bus-powered