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USB-C Multi-Mount Dock
The Universal USB-C Multi-mount Dock, best compatibility with USB-C and USB-A ports, and cross-platform supported with Windows®, macOS® and Chrome®. It provides 85W power charging to the host through USB-C, supporting dual video out (resolution up to dual 1080p@60Hz) to external monitors. With this Dock, you can extend your productivity capabilities via three USB 3.1 ports with one port supports BC1.2 & Apple charging 2.4A. In addition, it can be mounted to the back of VESA mount display or monitor arm and desk. Flexible mounting design to create a clutter-free work environment.  Upstream Port – USB-C 3.1 x1 with PD3.0 – Upstream PD powered, supports up to 85W Downstream Port – USB-A 3.1 Gen 1 x2 (5V/0.9A) – USB-A 3.1 Gen 1 x1 with BC 1.2 and Apple Charge 2.4A Video output – HDMI 1.4 x2 output supports resolution up to dual 1080p@60Hz Supports audio 2.1 channel Supports Gigabit Ethernet Multi mounting design
USB-C Triple 4K Docking Station
The DUD15X0D1 is a USB-C Triple 4K Docking Station, which works with triple 4K displays, helping you analyze complex document, or edit content quickly. It's designed for USB 3.1 and USB 3.0 engie enabled computer to set up an efficient work space at office or home. With power delivery up to 60W to charge your laptop through USB-C port. It’s also equipped with K-Lock function to secure your device safety while you’re away. •Triple 4K displays indeperdently •USB-C upstream function •High performance USB-C/USB-A downsteam port - 7.5W power supply (USB-C only) - BC1.2 or Apple Charging •Provide power up to 60W to charging your laptop via USB-C •Secure your device safety with K-Lock design
USB-C Travel Dock
VSD5250 USB-C Travel Dock, which is really awesome for someone who gives lots of presentation and is always having to connect to different things, including USB port, video and Gigabit Ethernet. Conveniently connect your laptop to the projector or monitor through HDMI or VGA port. It's also support a single display up to 4K high resolution. With PD3.0 power delivery up to 85W, charging your laptop using a USB-C power adapter, or BUS-powered supply to USB3.0 device, video and Ethernet, and it's a size of a smartphone. • HDMI 2.0 (3840 x 2160) or VGA (1920 x1080) video output • PD 3.0 Pass-Through charging to your laptop • BUS powered, no external power source needed •Power devilry up to 85W for laptop or Smartphone via USB-C • High-speed data transfer through USB3.0 port



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